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Re: -Scary-

Post by -Scary- »

Well I led an acoustic music band a few years ago where i used to be the rythm guitarist and the lead vocal. But I wouldnt consider myself a great singer nor a karaoke person :D

Well I kinda over my gaming period by years (life is too short to sit around gaming) - also i wouldnt have much time to try other games next to my work, actually I play on my company's owned laptop (shitty lenovo T530, not invented for gaming) .
I can be semi-active on forums if there is anything that gets my interest or cw discussion / tactics ofc.

So answering your question, I'd go with the socializing part.

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Re: -Scary-

Post by Zaitev »

Good luck :).

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Re: -Scary-

Post by Soma »

hey big wolve , congratulation for being a nib

Welcome to WW.

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Re: -Scary-

Post by jazzking »

Congrats man! I look forward to having a CW with you.

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Re: -Scary-

Post by Vectile »

Well Done -Scary- :)

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Re: -Scary-

Post by valli »

He is rebuilding now SoV, and not interested in WW anymore :)

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Re: -Scary-

Post by kLLik »

You guys should tell him to delete all curent clans when he joined to WW :mrgreen:

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